cloisonne art kit
cloisonne art kit

Cloisonne Painting Art

Start a new hobby and discover the fun of ancient arts with the DIY cloisonné painting art kits. Enjoy the fun of DIY and make your masterpiece.

What Is Cloisonne Painting Art?

The cloisonne painting art is simplified from the traditional cloisonné craft. It breaks through the limitation of the traditional cloisonne craft technique that it can only be attached to the copper body in the past.

We can create gorgeous masterpieces more easily without the process of firing and polishing. and can also show surprising three-dimensional artistic effects.

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We Make The Best Cloisonne Art Kit

Everything you need is included

Detailed step-by-step instructions

HD coloring guide chart

Sufficient amount of each material

16-hour online guidance from professional craftsmen

Healthy and environmentally friendly materials

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Customer Reviews

8 Reviews
Sandra R.

I was so excited when I got this! I was even impressed with the tool kit! My kid loves it so much. Highly recommend


This was my first cloisonne work and it was so beautiful to see completed and how vibrant the colors were. I love how they provided all the kit you would need and the high quality.

Chelsea L.

I loved completing this painting, it’s so beautiful! This painting is art museum or library-worthy. I’m happy to have it in my collection

Angie G.

The quality is great and the customer service is great. When I asked them how to use the glue, they patiently guided me. I really love it!

Bobbie C.

Honestly, such an amazing experience. The kit has everything you would need and the quality is great. I absolutely LOVE it.

Brian Z.

I am completely in love with this. It is so gorgeous.

Susan H.

This is a beautiful design. The quality of the tools provided is excellent. It makes my experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Chantal V.

Absolutely love this. It's almost done and has been quite enjoyable.

Cloisonne Painting Art for Beginners - A Step-by-Step Tutorial