Cloisonne Painting Glue Set
Cloisonne Painting Glue Set
Cloisonne Painting Glue Set
Cloisonne Painting Glue Set

Cloisonne Painting Glue Set

This set includes: 25ml wire-fixing glue, 30ml sand-fixing glue, 30ml laminating glue
25ml fixed line glue: Enough for pattern lines less than 30 meters.
30ml sand-fixing glue: Enough for a drawing board with a diameter less than 60cm
30ml laminating glue: Enough for a drawing board with a diameter less than 60cm

Wire-fixing glue

Used for: Fix the gold wire to the board.

How to use: Apply the wire-fixing glue along the lines of the pattern, and wait for 2 minutes before sticking


Sand-fixing glue

Used for: Temporarily fix the sand on the board, easy to modify the color

How to use: After coloring, spray sand-fixing glue(diluted with water, glue:water=1:4).
Spray vertically until the whole painting is wet and the color turns white. The sand-fixing glue is only temporarily fixing the sand. If you apply the wrong color or want to modify the painting, you can add a few drops of water to modify it.


Laminating glue

Used for: Permanently fixes the sand to the board, forming a waterproof layer

How to use: After using the sand-fixing glue, when the painting is about to dry, spray the laminating glue evenly until the whole painting turns white. After 30 hours(depending on temperature), the glue will dry out and become transparent. If the sand is not well fixed, you can spray the laminating glue again.

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In this kit, you’ll get everything you need to make a cloisonne painting. We have prepared everything for you to create your own masterpiece!

Please Note: The picture is the finished display effect, The twisted gold wire at the edge of the painting board and the stand are not included in the kit.

Package Inclusions: 

      Drawing Board * 1
      Colored sand * Enough 
      Gold wire * Enough

      Gold Wire-Fixing Glue * Enough
      Sand-Fixing Glue * Enough
      Laminating Glue * Enough

      Tweezer * 1
      Scissor * 1
      Colored Sand Spatula * 1
      Dropper* 1
      Wire-straightening Board  * 2
      Sand Cups*6
      Instruction* 1