What wire is used in cloisonne painting art and how to choose the best size?

What's the gold wire used in cloisonne painting art?

The wire used in cloisonné painting art is often called gold wire, but it is not made of gold. It is actually formed after aluminum oxide is electroplated. In addition to the commonly used gold wire, there are also silver, red, blue, etc. Buy cloisonne painting wire

How to choose the best size of gold wire in cloisonne painting art?

Cloisonné paintings commonly use gold wires with sizes of 0.3x1mm and 0.5x1mm. The 0.3mm and 0.5mm measurements refer to the thickness of the gold wire.
The 0.3x1mm size is relatively soft and easy to shape and manipulate, suitable for beginners and ideal for areas with dense pattern lines. Due to its thin and soft nature, the lines produced may lack smoothness compared to the 0.5mm, resulting in less three-dimensionality.
On the other hand, the 0.5x1mm size is slightly harder, posing a bit more of a challenge for beginners in terms of control and shaping. However, using this thicker wire can yield a better final result. It's particularly suitable for filigree work on the areas with less dense pattern lines or larger-scale paintings, providing a more three-dimensional effect.

If you want to create more stunning artworks, we recommend practicing more with the 0.5mm gold wire. Although it may be challenging to handle at first, you'll find shaping easier with practice. Focus on using the 0.5mm wire primarily, and then complement it with the 0.3mm wire in areas with dense pattern lines. This will enhance the three-dimensional effect of your creations.

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