[Cloisonne Painting Art Tutorial] How to color in cloisonne painting art?

Most Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial on Cloisonne Painting Art Coloring.

Our time capsule approach ensures you understand each step comprehensively, empowering you to create captivating artwork with confidence.

Join us on this artistic journey and unlock your creativity with cloisonne painting art. Let's dive into the world of it together!

Time Line:

00:00 - Tools and materials we need

00:34 - How to wash the colored sand

01:36 - How to color

02:11 - How to use the glass dropper to fill in the color

03:53 - How to use the spatula to fill in the color

04:31 - How to make the color transition

05:13 - How to make a smoother surface in cloisonne painting art

07:04 - The function of sand-fixing glue and how to use it

08:48 - The function of laminating glue and how to use it

09:30 - Display of final result


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